Printing Plus


An Awesome Crew



Colin is the owner and manager at Printing Plus. His studies in the printing industry started in 1983 at Stonington High School. After graduation he attended Hall Institute, a one year program in Graphic Arts and Commercial Printing. Towards the end of the year, his instructor offered him a position at his family owned printing company. Colin was honored, and accepted. For the next 3 years, It was all about the business. The experience was invaluable and he will always be grateful. Being homesick brought him back to Westerly, RI and he landed a good job at a medium-large printing company.  The owners invested in him as he floated in all departments over several years. This was a critical learning experience with all aspects of this trade. The opportunity to purchase Printing Plus came in June of 1991. Since then he has followed trends in the industry while constantly reinvesting to stay cutting edge. Changes in this business over his 25 years have been astronomical however, the desire customers have to receive good service, remains unchanged!


In 2004, Derek walked into Printing Plus and found an open Graphic Designer position. He has been here ever since, learning and growing in the field. When not working, he can be found enjoying sci-fi books and movies.


In 1996, Jeff started here as Pressman and has grown into an all encompassing Production Manager. He is an integral part of everything we do, from printing to signs. When not working, Jeff can be found coaching or spectating baseball.


When in need of assistance, Adam always comes to the rescue. Our main Vinyl production specialist, he is skilled in all techniques, no matter the project. When not working, he can be found in a boat with a fishing rod, on his couch with an XBox controller, or in his garage with his Miata.